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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
Nina Baldwin ...

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Monday, September 15, 2014


"ANCIENT VOICES" by Nina Baldwin, original acrylic with gold leaf and graphite
so many friends stopped by the studio tour Saturday and Sunday !!
 I was delighted to see and speak to every single one!! what fun!!
 sold a little...and then a little more! very successful...and had a ball!
 thank you, everybody, for making this event so special!!! great fun!!

This print seems to be a favorite of many...acrylic, gold leaf, graphite...
people enjoy analyzing it, trying to figure out what it is to them...
each person has his or her own interpretation...with abstract, all are right!!
...horses with riders, buffalos,
 a mother bird with her babies(my daughter was pregnant at the time), 
bears, a landscape...and more!  what is it to you?? 

I just realized that this is actually a reproduction of a reproduction!!!...
a photo of a giclee (a giclee is an excellent quality print made with the finest inks and paper available)
I still have the original...will have to try taking a photo of it so that I can compare the results!
Thanks again, all!!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Yup, These Will Be At the ALAMEDA STUDIO TOUR too!

...well, i guess you could say that i was in a flour flur fluorescent (?) kind of mood when i did this!!  
I do love bright colors!!  ...and freedom of movement!! 
 (Don't hem me in!)
this painting has a sister...

come see these manana!
they're even prettier in person!!
you know where they will be...

The ALAMEDA STUDIO TOUR Starts Tomorrow!

  "Santa Fe Muse" by Nina Baldwin, acrylic, original painting.

Well, here is that image, "Santa Fe Muse", finished...hopefully, the image is large enough for you to see at least some of the detail...I like the little circles and lines which make it feel a little surreal...also the orb-like clouds in the sky. 

Please join us for the studio tour tomorrow and Sunday...we would love to see you!

C U There!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

ALAMEDA STUDIO TOUR is happening this weekend -come enjoy!

work in progress..."Santa Fe Muse" Nina Baldwin

this is a "work in progress"...actually, I will take an updated photo tomorrow so that you can see how it has changed since finished!  The title is "Santa Fe Muse" and it will be in the
 Alameda Studio Tour
 over the weekend...
dates: Saturday, Sept 13th and Sunday, Sept 14th from 10 to 5pm
  ...i will be at Studio 8
...if you would like to drop by, just find the map on the official Alameda Studio Tour website 
( ) will show you where all of the studios are located...

lots of fantastic artists...
lots of fantastic art!...
snacks (free, even!)...
and LLAMAS! (don't get too close, I understand they spit!!  lol!!!)
...actually, the llamas are really very cool!! 
 Lynda's llama hats and "objects of desire" are unique and very beautiful!!
Annette's wool pieces always delight the eye!
Pat Williams has beautiful 2D art there as well!

and me?...well, my "Women Gathering" paintings and giclees, landscapes, minis, and earrings
 will be there too!

Do you know we are raffling off pieces of art??!!!!!!!! 
the raffle is free!

Come enjoy this event with friends and family!!