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Thursday, August 7, 2014

the Headboard...

Did I tell you about our headboard?  David made it...of red's beautiful.  He made it so that the top frame piece could be removed so that something could be slid down in front of the main piece of wood...well, that's not explaining it well, but maybe it would help to say that there are three sections to the headboard and we slid Japanese papers into each section.. unfortunately, the papers faded over time...and so, I offered to paint the three sections instead of replacing the paper...

well, I was having a problem figuring out how to paint them...and they, the three section panels, just sat on our dining room table for days...this was while we were getting the house painted....and after!  I figured I would do something very tame...I mean, it was going to be in our bedroom after all...and it would need to be like the equivalent of a quiet little lullaby, something to help us fall asleep every night and something to soothe us if we awoke in the middle of the night....welllllll.....

I mentioned my lack of inspiration to a friend who readily volunteered to come help me!  Lavon Maestas is my colorful friend...also a painter, as well as a maker of many different art forms...FEARLESS!!!!  and full of fun!!!!  She came with an idea...inspired by the aboriginal art she had seen on the 'net...yup!!!!  Aboriginal art is beautiful...full of life and movement ....and DOTS!!!  Yes, this was not the quiet little painting I had expected!!  But I went with her idea...and I am so glad that I did!!!  ...below is the product of all of our fun painting!! 

The colors are primarily magenta and lime...with hints of brown sienna, purple, copper and yellow...OMG!!!  It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so delighted that we had the fun experience of painting together!!  We work really well together, I think...and when I die I think my kids are going to be fighting over the headboard!!!

Somber, it is not!!  Thank you, Lavon, for the inspiration and ideas!! ...for all of your expertise!!  I have something now that is very special to me for my bedroom...and everytime I look at it I will think of all of the fun I had painting it with you! 

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