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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

the ALBUQUERQUE FILM AND MEDIA EXPERIENCE - Take the Ultimate New Mexico Trip!

The Albuquerque Film and Media Experience is happening beginning manana...and is going for the next week.  Lots of fantastic movies and events happening all over Albuquerque!! ...panel discussions, vids, music, dance, art, photography, well-known peeps, etc...

It's exciting!!!  ...and I am delighted to be a volunteer!!  I have met several of my fellow gophers!!  ...and they are a wonderful bunch!!  ...a lot are fellow creatives, altho their muses are of the singing/music/theatrics type, rather than the visual arts of which I am a part...I'll be busy with helping out this week thru next Sunday, June 8...altho I am hoping to get a little art-making in to my timeline also!

Check out the schedule of events at ABQFILMX.COM  ...