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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Women & Creativity Original Mini Paintings!

I participated in the Women & Creativity program (do you know about Women & Creativity?  It is a month-long (March) celebration of women which takes place primarily at the Hispanic Cultural Center but also all over Albuquerque, NM with workshops of all kinds, events, everyday!! is amazing!!) a small way this year...I have done this particular event for the last few years.  I made baseball card sized paintings to share with other artists of the world!!  I can say that ("the world") since there are artists from around not only the USA, but also globally who are participating in this one event...something that makes this whole thing just plain delightful!!!!

I sent my 10 painted cards to the folks in charge and they in turn will divvy up all of the cards from the other artists who are participating, encasing the paintings in a wonderful little book and returning the new selection of 10 cards to each artist who's so much fun!!

So I wanted to show you my paintings...all different, but related in technique and, here they are...

as you can see, every color in the rainbow!  ...topped off with touches of was great fun making these 10 mini paintings!  I can't wait to receive my assortment of little paintings from the other artists!!   and I look forward to participating again next year!!


  1. Nice! I hope I get one of yours! I sent mine in already (sneak peek on my FB timeline).

  2. thanks, Paula! I hope to get one of yours as well!! I saw yours on FB! very beautiful!! this is fun!!

  3. Very nice activity and beautiful work as usual.

  4. Thanks, Judy!! Your flowers would be a big hit on these cards, I'll bet!! You should join us next year!!