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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Well, the flooring is installed.  Our craftsman was truly a master at installation and Dave and I are most pleased with the outcome!  It took him 5 days to do the house but we love it!  The first two are the before pics...

 He cut out the bad seams...
 and laid the wood...not really, it's vinyl!  it actually has a 3D effect going with the texture of real wood running thru it...this is looking into my studio...
Before we get too much furniture returned to where it belongs, we are going to have the house painted...yayyyy!! 
...from the entryway thru the tv room and into the living room...
Naturally, this is the most important room of the studio! everything is on wheels right now so that it can be moved no attention to the misaligned
 paintings on the wall!! 
well, we still have a mess, but it will return to sanity in a few weeks!


  1. NICE! and so worth it when it's all done!! that wood-grained vinyl may be an answer to my kitchen floor...

  2. thanks, Sue! we really like's not cold in the winter...and it's not hard like tile, so not tough on the old bones!