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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We're Moving!...well, not quite!!

     Well, the story starts about 10 years ago when we had this house built…and we picked out the prettiest vinyl (tile is too cold and hard on the body…and we didn’t want wood for some forgotten reason?!) which was installed before we moved in…it looked beautiful…like leather on the floor…in short, we loved it…but over the years, something strange started happening… throughout the house the seams began curling up, sometimes so awful that it was a real tripping hazard…well, we finally decided we HAD to do something about it!!  So next week is the week we will do that thing that we have been putting off for years…we’re going to have the vinyl replaced!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!

     What a job!  It’s going to be like moving!!!!   We are going to have to clear out EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!  Knick knacks, books, furniture, bookcases that are secured to the walls, a computer, etc. etc… and… all of my stuff from my studio!!!!!  (double eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!)

     Thank goodness we are not replacing the carpeting in the bedrooms…that is one place we can stash stuff for a few days…and , of course, the garage…what would we do without our garages??!!!  We have already started moving stuff…with help from our kids!    But WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO MOVE EVERYTHING that is not in the bedrooms!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!  …it’s probably my studio which is most intimidating!!!!

     Well, there’s a silver lining to every mammoth cloud…I guess I can say that this event has prompted us to take care of a few extra projects around the house that needed doing, such as replacing the front porch light which was being used by the cutest little bird as his very own messy little penthouse!  …which of course caused him to leave calling cards all over the porch, but especially on the mat that  says “welcome to our happy home”!  …don’t worry about the bird…he still has the electronic thermometer, which he loves to perch on…’cept I don’t love the calling cards!!  We also would like to get the inside walls painted after the floor is laid…I hope we can find a painter quickly!

     Well, I’ll be lurking around here, probably on my tablet a lot while they do the floors…and otherwise wondering what I can do with my time!…can’t do any art then!!  I'll figure it out!  In the meantime, here are a few pics of my latest earrings…bohemian blue!! 

     You can see a selection of my earrings down at…

Sumner & Dene Art Gallery in Albuquerque…
517 Central Ave NW…
or thru' me...if I survive!!


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