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Friday, August 30, 2013

"Rio Grande Gorge" is published!

I announced it what seems like ages ago, but the book was only recently published...I am really honored for my "Rio Grande Gorge" to be included in the book, "COLOR: How to Use It" by Marcie Cooperman.  It is published by Pearson.  It is the premiere textbook on color for higher ed. 

I just recently received my copy...apparently it takes a long time to get a book of this size, with all of the wonderful images, etc. together...and published!  I can imagine that just communicating with the artists was a huge job for all of the paperwork, signing contracts, etc...OMG!...then putting everything together...well, Marcie has my admiration...and gratitude!!

I am currently devouring it!!   It is chock full of good info and photos of stunning artwork!!  LOTS of artwork!!!!  This is the kind of book I love!!!   I know I will learn a lot from it!!! 
It can be ordered directly from Pearson if you are interested: 
Marcie has a great page on the net you may enjoy perusing...she calls it a color stories blog...very interesting!  Here's the url: 

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