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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Gathering III"

by Nina Baldwin

     "Gathering III" is one of my original paintings in this series.  Over time these paintings have changed some, but the same techniques are still used to form the figures and elements of embellishment are added. This is a very spiritual line and I added the halos to symbolize the spiritual side in all of us...
Although this original is in a private collection, beautiful high-quality giclees are available for purchase.  If interested, please email me at

Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Image from my "Women Gathering" series...

from the "Women Gathering" series
by Nina Baldwin
This is one of my favorite is from my "Women Gathering" series...the loose brush strokes really appeal to me!  Beautiful saturated colors with a gold background.   ...hints of shadows...  Women on their path...the gold sets off the colors perfectly!!!  Email me at for beautiful prints!
the original is SOLD!  Thank You!!  Prints are still available at a very affordable price!!