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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a tidbit more about RIO GRANDE GORGE...

I forgot to include any information concerning the publishing of my painting, "Rio Grande Gorge" actually will be included in what is intended to be the premier textbook on color to be published in 2012...I am so honored to have my painting included in this text!! As soon as I receive a copy of it, I will post the name of the book...I believe it is a university level read...
Again, it is an honor to be included in the book! the same time it is pretty humbling too! ...and I am so grateful to the author for seeing something in "Rio Grande Gorge" that she wanted to share with others...more info forthcoming!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! When can I put this announcement in the newsletter??

  2. Thanks, Paula!!
    I can't wait to share it with the Rio Rancho Art Association art community!! Please feel free to post it anytime!! Thanks for sharing in the excitement!