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Thursday, December 9, 2010

MONET - His Paintings

I have read a few biographies of Claude Monet now and I can truthfully say that they all read pretty much the same...and so if you are interested I encourage you to do the same as I...
It was his artwork that needs to be talked about...he was a prolific painter, in my estimation...over the years you can see changes in his techniques, in usage of the brush to create different effects. He used colors also to define atmosphere and/or time of appears he couldn't get enough of those pigments in his color-filled, textural paintings...he was in love with the richness of his vision which he painted with relish...I didn't see many still-lifes, but landscapes, water-scapes, architectural, people...he painted them all...not just once, but over and over again...a different time of day would mean different colors and so he would do a series of the same landscape with each painting telling a different story... atmosphere would justify painting the sky of the "Tuileries Garden" with wistful softness while the "Women in the Garden" he painted under a clear noonday sun.
In his painting, he was brazen. He did the unexpected. He was rebellious. He was courageous. He painted as he liked...and we inherited it all...if you don't get a good book of his images to devour, it is your loss.

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