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Friday, December 10, 2010

ART QUOTE - Monet and Fear

"I haven't yet managed to capture the color of this landscape; there are moments when I am apalled at the colors I am having to use, I am afraid what I am doing is just dreadful and yet I really am understating it; the light is simply terrifying."
Claude Monet

What an interesting quote...Monet, an artist who is held in such high esteem, sharing his fears that he is not capturing the colors and light in a particular landscape...a huge thing to admit for an artist of his prestige...I thought that only happened to artists like me!!

Do artists experience fear while painting? Have you? Please comment if you wish! I think this could be an interesting conversation...thanks for reading my blog too!

Nina Baldwin


  1. Hi Nina, I think this is one of the most common emotions for me after a painting is done. Well first there is a moment of physical and mental calm when I look at the painting and know it is finished and I'm happy with it.... then I look a second time and I'm thinking what have I done, are those colours really OK, is that composition really OK... the gift of self-doubt, it just keeps on giving. I'm trying to figure out how to extend that moment of content and acceptance and get rid of the self-doubt message. Elaine

  2. Hi Elaine, thank you for your comment!!...somehow it's reassuring to learn that other artists experience fear as well as me!...well, it's reassuring to some degree!...I wish it didn't happen at all!!
    I experience fear sometimes right during the creative process...sometimes even before i start painting...after all, I don't want to waste a canvas! and since I work with acrylics, they demand some quick decisions as they dry so fast...Fear can stop a project cold and I have learned that it takes courage to face it and work with it anyway...after all, it's my vision on the canvas...and who can paint my vision better than I can! Thanks so much for sharing on a subject that most, if not all artists probably do experience...very interesting!! ohh, and if you find out how to get rid of the self-doubt, let me know!! could probably write a best seller on that!! happy, contented painting, Elaine!!