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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art is Power

"Art is power. It can influence perception, opinion and values. And the artist who creates uses his paintbrush to focus on a moment in time...recording those things that touch the heart." Nina Baldwin


  1. Good morning! Stopping by here from Robert Brault's ~ {a wonderful and creative place to visit too!}
    He commented on your artwork and commentaries and thought I'd visit ~ always a good suggestion!
    I enjoyed your recent posts ~ your wonderful painting as your blog-header and reading your "about me." Thank you for the visit ~ I'll stop back again, I'm sure!
    Happy New Year to you~

  2. Hi Maria!
    Thank you so much for stopping by to read my blog!! I am delighted that you enjoyed all you did!! ...and of course, i always like to hear that someone likes one of my paintigs!
    Robert Brault is a wonderful read!!! He has a gift for sure!! and besides, he is a good friend!!!!
    Please come back and visit anytime you are in the neighborhood, Maria!! May your 2011 be blessed with everything that is good!!
    thanks again!!

  3. " focus on a moment in time." I think you capture art's essence there. To freeze time, and make the moment available again.

  4. Thanks for your comment, nothing profound! actually you seem to be poorly named! have many profound things to say on your blog!! interesting reading...lots of ironies there!
    I appreciate your thought on the essence of art...that is a great question!!!...what is the essence of art??? I have to say that for me the emphasis is not so much on focusing on a moment in time as much as on "recording those things that touch the heart"...when I create, I want the very core of my being to be expressed. I want to convey to the viewer the impact that moment in my life had on's too easy for life to pass by without ever getting to the point of life itself...our routines take over...leaving us in a wash of another day me the essence of art is taking my heart and plastering it on a canvas or whatever surface, with the hope that others who are willing to take a moment of their time to look at it, will see something that moves them...something of significance, of beauty, of value...something that touches THEIR hearts...and hopefully makes their spirits sing! (I hear violins playing!!...oh, that's my radio!)...maybe the difference in our thoughts comes from the fact that I am a visual artist and you are a verbal artist? ...thanks again for your thoughts, nothing profound!
    question to all: what is the essence of art to you??