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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Friday, September 24, 2010

IMPRESSIONISM...a Spirit of Independence and Rebellion

"The "Impressionists"... were a diverse group of artists in style and temperament, unified primarily by their spirit of independence and rebellion." (wiki)

I am forever searching for the right term...abstract?...contemporary?...modern? What correctly describes my artwork? Perhaps I am an Impressionist...afterall, independence and rebellion seem to be stepping stones in my process, even if my artwork doesn't betray it...which surprises me no end since I seek peace daily! I was a good little girl all of my life! Really!! I attended Catholic schools for 13 years of my life...very controlled...might be considered rigid compared to today's standards...could this be why in my art I determine to put inhibitions aside when I start a painting?...could this be why I am trying new techniques with each new work?...could this be why I must express myself, my emotions on my canvas?...because I can?!! ...because I want to leave an Impression?

I will delve into the subject of Impressionism and it's painters in the next few weeks...join me...

How about you??? Do you paint? If so, what style do you paint in? ...and most important...WHY?


  1. Nina,

    Strikes me that you are an abstract impressionist, to the extent that such labels mean anything at all. Your impressionism, I think, is most fully realized in your use of heightened color. Just my view. Much looking forward to your thoughts on impressionism.


  2. Hi Robert!!

    So great to hear from you!!...and to get your input to my wanderings! I LIKE (where is the FB LIKE button when you need one?!) your name for me as a painter...abstract impressionist...I associate impressionism with softness...gauzy, ethereal...and I think that describes my present technique really well...of course, that is subject to change at any moment! ...and the are right about that! I chose the colors I paint with just by my own likes and turns out that most of the colors I use are transparent...more saturated(?) than others...and are considered the "modern" palette...most like the inks used for publications nowadays..they're clearer and have more punch.

    ...was watching "The Impressionists" recently. ...fantastic series of movies from must tell your wife about them if she would be interested...they are very well done!

    I'm just in the mood for an art history course!! ...think I'll look in the community college catalog!!

    Thanks for your comment,'s always great to hear from you!!

  3. Nina,

    Joan and I have seen "The Impressionists" and loved it. Joan has just bought a large coffee-table volume on the French Impressionists, 1872-1886. In Oct '08, we visited the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and saw many paintings from that era.

    Your take on impressionism matches mine; it is usually soft and ethereal. What it did so effectively was to substitute color for outline; i.e., blotches of red representing poppies of the field. There is something of that in your own "oeuvre," as in the variations of color that represent the rock strata in "Rio Grande Gorge."

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Robert,
    Now I understand! Yes, those beautiful blotches of color instead of outline...they give great energy to the painting! Monet's haystacks at different times of the day show that too.

    If there were a JEALOUS button here now I would definitely click it!! I LOVE coffee table books!! I could spend a whole weekend devouring one...especially one on Monet!! ...and the museum that I think all of Monet's works went to?!! ...sacred ground!! lots of smiles on that!

    I am glad that you and Joan will be taking this little journey with me through Impressionism!