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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tapas of my Life-how I met Paul Coze

FYI...tapas are little savory bits of food to delight over with apertifs...

My family and I moved to Phoenix in the early 60’s. We moved from Michigan to the “land of manana”…a place where time didn’t really matter…if you called for a service repairman and he said he’d be out on Tuesday, you learned that he really meant the Tuesday three weeks away…and you learned that was OK.

It was a land where, at the time, just three or four cars would pull up to a stop light…not a mass of traffic like today. It was a time when huge packs of dates hung from the towering palms, and cooling in homes was of the swamp type, if you were lucky enough to have it.

We arrived in August. I can remember stepping out from our car into the hot, swampy noontime sun and feeling like something had just slapped me across the face…it was 118 degrees in the shade, something a Michigander had never felt. I remember all of us felt sick for about the first month there while we adjusted to the heat. be continued...manana, manana...

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