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"Art touches the is reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing."
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PAUL COZE's Public Artwork

Mr. Coze’s work was foremost in the eyes of Phoenicians in the 60’s and 70’s…his artwork was huge in concept, rich in symbolism, adornment in the fullest sense, springing forth from the spirit, embracing the beautiful, paying homage to the past…the precious history of our peoples, our land…acknowledging the great strides in technology and the sciences in what was then the present time (in the 60’s and 70’s), and also the infinite possibilities and great hope for the future...for in his art we see the passage of time and place, and the hopes and dreams of a people who stood in wonderment at our own ever evolving potential. His artwork was the best of us.

As you can tell, Paul Coze’s artwork touched my heart profoundly. I don’t believe any other artwork has done the same for me. Do we not see that Coze’s public artwork represents us? I can look at a landscape painting and appreciate the beauty of it, or see a still life and admire the techniques used to paint it. I can be astonished at the highest sky scraper and its architecture or be dumbfounded by the latest in technology, but nothing can compare to the feeling I have when I see a piece of Coze’s creativity…for it is us…his art is who we were, who we are, who we will be, if the good survives.

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