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Friday, May 22, 2009


It was while I was at Phoenix College that I met Paul Coze. I was looking for part-time employment. The student placement office contacted me to let me know that there was a need for an artist.
I dragged two huge boxes with all of my artwork from 3 years of high school art classes out to his home/studio. I can remember sitting there going through every piece of art as fast as I possibly could! He patiently looked at each the end, with a little wry smile on his face, asking only if I didn't have more artwork to show him...of course, he was kidding! I had just taken up a half hour of his day to see every single thing I had ever drawn, painted, stenciled, silk screened, inked, formed and was more than enough!!
He was looking for a helper for his newest project…large public artworks for both the outside front entrace to the building at the new Indian Hospital, as well as the inside of the main building. But the federal funding for the project had not come through as yet, so I actually ended up helping him with small projects and “gophering” for his art classes…a great experience in itself!
I remember on one occasion while at his studio Mr. Coze shared some cake with me. He had had a dinner party the night before for some dignitaries and visitors from France. The cake was delicious! He told me that it had been made with beet sugar... something I had never heard of. The taste was delicate...not nearly as sweet as cane sugar would have made it.
His art classes were always interesting. During one class a friend of his dropped in to allow us to paint him. He was a Native American Chief. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name. I still have that painting I did.
Paul Coze was a great mentor. I have often desired to have that same special relationship with another artist/mentor since then, but I think those opportunities are very rare...I don't know why the art gods decided to bless me with that time in my life with him, but I am so very grateful they did! I have memories from then that I will cherish always! be continued...

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