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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EFRAIN PADRO: "a photographer's guide to New Mexico"

Tonight, my husband and I attended a presentation by a new friend of mine, Efrain Padro. Efrain is a photographer of all things New Mexico, the American Southwest and also Latin America. He especially loves to shoot landscapes, architecture and the people and events of the above locales.

Efrain recently had a book published, "the photographer's guide to New Mexico". It is packed with expert advice for the photographer, as well as maps and directions to his favorite places in New Mexico to shoot.

"New Mexico offers endless possibilities for taking stunning photographs. From spectacular desert landscapes and historic missions to colorful fiestas and world-class archaeological sites, this easy-to-use guide features the best spots to photograph all the natural wonders, events, and historic places in the Land of Enchantment." (backcover)

Check out Efrain's website. It shows his extensive experience in the photo-journalism field. His images are stunning!! Efrain's website: Enjoy!!

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