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Saturday, March 14, 2009

...along the Pathway...

Sometimes good things come to an has happened with Art Gallery 66, the gallery where my art was represented. Yes, AG66 is closing it's doors on March 31, 2009. We always try to figure out the reason why. Whatever that reason is, I know that everything will be OK!

I will miss all of the friends I made while there. Of course, I hope to see them from time to time in the future. It was fun! I'm glad I met the people, attended the receptions, learned all I did, painted all I did. It was a delight to see my art hanging amongst the other excellent artists there! I have great memories to always cherish from Art Gallery 66.

I believe everything has a season...and a purpose. I know that good things are ahead for me...and all of the artists from AG66. I look forward with anticipation to everything life holds for me!

I will be blogging more often in the future. I hope that you will check back occasionally. I may even post some of my paintings from time to time. Life is good!

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